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MAL +603 2856 0748 | SGP +65 6652 3828

08:30 – 05:30

Monday to Friday

Lean Six Sigma

The Best Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training Company in Malaysia, Singapore and Asia
Pacific Region.

Excelforth Consultancy is a leading consultancy and training company providing operation excellence solutions with
Learn and Six Sigma. We are active within the Asia Pacific region. Our vision is to create customize service for any
partners, regardless of location, language, size, ambition or circumstance.

What is Operational Excellence?


You probably have heard your business partners, peers, friends talking about it. You may even heard about your competitors already deployed it and is reaping tremendous benefits from it. But what are these 2 terms stands for? What are the differences between these 2 methodologies?


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Our Consultancy Service?



“Walk the Talk” is our motto. We believe by showing you how
to do is much more effective that telling you what to do. After we
derived an agreeable solution, our consultants will roll-up their sleeves and get their hands dirty together with your team to implement it and solve the problems, unless you request them not to! Our consultant will check on your progress after the consultancy project closed, to make sure the efforts has been sustained.
Classroom training may or may not solve your problem.

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