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MAL +603 2856 0748 | SGP +65 9876 7256

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Excelforth Consultancy provide consultancy service to many industries on the development and improvement to Organizational Operation Excellence strategy. We enable organizations to systematically improve and sustain their productivity and efficiency of operations. This achieving high performance business results.

Beside consultancy service, Excelforth Consultancy also provide wide range of Operation Excellence workshops, in both forms of public and in-house to help organizations to Increase Productivity and Improve Efficiency. We also providing customized workshops tailored to the company’s need.

In Excelforth, we emphasized in knowledge application rather than just imparting knowledge to our
participants. Major portion of our workshops session is on practical, and simulation. We always welcome
participants to come with their existing problems/projects to be the case study of our workshops.

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We are committed to be a world-class Learning Solutions provider, with training, education, and learning solutions that help individual and organizations regardless of location.



We tailored each consultancy and learning experience to help individuals and organizations achieve their business objectives by providing learning solution to their employees, partners, and clients effectively.



We operate with our values that are important to us and our clients, such  as :

     >   Integrity
     >   Ethical
     >   Committed
     >   Focused
     >   Open Minded
     >   Thinking Out of The Box
     >   Passion

We know that this path is not easy and, at times, may cost us short-term business. We are ready for
the path less travelled.

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