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As our alumni, you are already a part of the global Learning Community.

With our alumni membership, its allows you to stay better connected with other learners, and also your continuing learning. The Alumni membership provides many continuous learning programs, services, and opportunities, all of which is made possible by the support of alumni like yourself.

We aim to strengthen relationships between alumnae, and soon-to-be alumnae while maximizing potential in both personal and professional lives.

Membership Benefits & University Support

Our Alumni Locator Service assists with reconnecting alumni who have lost contact with one another. We always ensure your privacy and contact information is only disclosed upon approval and verification by both parties. For more information, email :

As our alumni members, you will be given min 1-year free access to our online learning platform – Gnosis. You may access all the free courses available thru the platform. Of course, if you decided to sign up any paid programme, you will be given a special rate as our alumni.

Occasionally, our client will request us to recommend our graduate. Therefore, always keep our latest and updated CV with us. You may help you landed on your next dream job. This service is provided free to our alumni only.

Strengthening Relationships

The balance between honoring the past and remaining committed to the future is one of its most compelling attributes. Our alumnae are incredibly talented, committed and diverse group of learner who embodies the spirit of our value. We hope you’ll stay in touch, join our network, and bolster our community by supporting other alumni today.

Please also be sure to check out our newsletter from time to time. We created this one especially for our alumnae community featuring your news, successes, ventures, and adventures after completing the programme, and how you’ve maintained ties with other across the year.

Alumnae News

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