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Lean Six Sigma Enable Business Continual Improvement
Training Within Industry Enable Skill Retention and Transfer
Academic Programme Enable Individual Continual Learning
Management System Enable Business Continuity and Sustainability

Excelforth - Your Preferred Learning Partner

No. 1 Learning, Training, and Consultancy company in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific.

With our unique and effective learning methodology, we provide the best learning experience for both corporate & individuals, to ensure everyone within the organization working towards the same goals and objectives.

We also offer customized and contextualize Operational Excellence workshops (e.g. Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, TWI, Management System and more) for corporations, who are interested in leveraging Operational Excellence to scale up their business operation.

Our Services

Professional Workshop

Gain the knowledge, attitude, and skills required to drive sustainable growth.

Project Consultancy

Project deployment and/ or implementation consultancy services.

Optimized-Project Coaching
Project Coaching

Christopher Kane is the 23rd president of Smart University, and the Chris Argyris

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