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Excelforth Consultancy is in partnership with the following partners:

Training Within Industry (TWI)


TWI Institute

Training Within Industry (TWI) consists of standardized classes addressing the essential skills needed by supervisors, team leaders, and anyone leading others. The program is composed of Job Instruction (JI), Job Relations (JR), and Job Methods, (JM), the three ”primary” classes. Since 2001, TWI has been successfully applied in hundreds of companies worldwide. 

Associate Consultant Programme

 BSI Services Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

With BSI Associate Consultant Programme (ACP), you gain independent advice to develop your management systems.
BSI offer assessment or certification as the client might refer to it, this means BSI can’t consult with the client directly. So, with this in mind, BSI Associate Consultant Programme (ACP) connects the client with independent consultants within the region who provide consultancy support the client need and BSI maintain impartiality as an independent certification body.


SigmaXL Inc.

A leading provider of user friendly Excel Add-ins for Lean Six Sigma graphical and statistical tools.

Great Success Consultancy

Great Success
Great Success Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.

Great Success provide practical financial planning, leadership management, sales and marketing, languages and information security training in Malaysia.

Clairvoyance (Microsoft Certified Trainer)

Clairvoyance Solution

Clairvoyance Solution is a fast expanding IT Corporation in Malaysia with various business division specializing in providing Consulting and Training service for both IT hardware and software.

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